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My leggings keep falling down…..

Surely it can’t just be me that has this problem?  As a Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer I have LOTS of pairs of fitness leggings – plain, patterned, high waisted, low waisted, long, capri, the list goes on.  But do you know the one thing that they have in common?  They all fall down when I run or workout!  I try them on before I buy and they feel great in the changing room and then the moment I set off, down they go!

The frustration of having to hoik up my leggings as I run (or worse still when I’m teaching a HIIT class) is driving me crazy – I’m sure it’s making me slower and I certainly don’t want to be baring my midriff, exposing myself whilst squatting or creating the undesirable camel toe when I pull them up really high.

 And, I really don’t want to have to pay for more pairs to find that they fall down too!

 So, I googled the problem and low (but not as low as the waistband on my leggings!) and behold I’m not the only one.  Here’s just a few quotes I found….. 

 “I've been rekindling my love of Spin recently, but one thing that is doing my head in is that my work out leggings just keep falling down.”

 “Continuously pulling up workout leggings on a run is the absolute worst.”

 “There was one point where I had to hold the pants while running. .... I did this all winter with my running tights (which love to fall)”

And one piece of advice suggested……

“If they are still falling down, try sizing down or try another brand altogether” 

But do you want to risk investing in another pair to then find out they do exactly the same?

Is it just me or have you had this problem too?