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Brace yourself!

New company, FITUPS, have launched their first product to solve the frustrating problem that many people, particularly women, face when exercising – their leggings falling down.

FITUPS Braces are constructed out of technical fabric so that they stretch, they breathe and they wick so you won’t know they’re wearing them. And there’s no chance of any abrasion from metal clips either – they connect to your leggings using super-strong, lightweight hi-grip clips. Your leggings stay put and don’t hinder your activity so you can focus on achieving your fitness goals, rather than the frustration of your leggings falling down.

FITUPS Braces are cheaper than buying a new pair leggings (that may also fall down!).  And because they’re so versatile and easy to attach and detach they can be used with all the leggings you wear for your indoor, outdoor and workout activities.

Emma Rivers Fletcher Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor, who came up with the idea, was so exasperated from having to repeatedly hoick up her leggings when out running. “I’d be running along and be conscious that I was exposing my midriff and have to slow down to pull my leggings up.  My runs, and even the thought of running, filled me with frustration – I just wanted to run and not have to contend with my clothing.  I didn’t want to invest in even more leggings for fear of having the same problem again and couldn’t seem to find a solution so I set out designing and developing my own.” 

“There are all sorts of reasons why leggings fall down.  Us women are all different shapes and therefore finding the perfect fit for everyone is difficult – they’re too big, too tight, you’ve washed your old favourites too many times or sometimes you buy a new pair that simply don’t stay up when you’re exercising. Whatever the reason, it really is a problem that can have a significant impact on your ability to achieve your fitness goals“

Emma, FITUPS founder, really has thought of everything to ensure that FITUPS Braces are comfortable, easy to use and ensure your leggings stay put. Head over now to to retain your modesty and ensure your leggings stay put. 

FITUPS Braces are the first product launched from FITUPS’ new range of accessories that help people get the most out of their fitness wear.