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Get Fitter with FITUPS - ONLINE Personal Training and Fitness Classes

I just love exercising. Not much beats that sense of achievement of pushing my body to its limits followed by the sensation of all those feel-good endorphins being released. Exercise has had a major impact on my life - I’ve lost weight, toned up and, best of all, I feel fantastic! The philosophy behind Get Fitter with FITUPS is to help other people feel this way too.

I know that life is busy! Juggling work, family and a social life (!) is hard, and trying to fit exercise into the mix isn’t always easy. We all know how important exercise is for our physical and mental health but, more often than not, it isn’t given the priority it deserves. And that’s why I love High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) – short classes that achieve big results. All my sessions are now available ONLINE so you don't even need to leave the comfort and safety of your own home or garden.

So what is HIIT and what are the benefits?

Let’s clear something up straight away - I think the name is a little off-putting! It’s called HIGH Intensity Interval Training but what is HIGH? It is YOUR HIGH intensity – YOU work to YOUR ability and as long as YOU’RE pushing YOUR limits YOU will see the benefits.
So, HIIT is essentially a workout that involves various intervals which means that you get maximum benefit from your workout.  It boosts your metabolism and burns loads of calories and fat (whilst retaining muscle) in a short period of time. And even better that, because the high intensity intervals put your body into hyper-drive, you’ll still be burning calories and fat more than 24-hours after your workout.

There’s great news for your heart health too. There aren’t many forms of exercise that enable you to push yourself to an anaerobic level (losing your breath and feeling your heart beating faster and faster). But with HIIT, because you’re resting after each high intensity interval, you can achieve this.

It also helps to build endurance for other activities you do and it’s challenging! Whether you’re new to exercise or a regular exerciser, because you’re pushing yourself out of your comfort zone (remember high intensity is high for YOU), you’ll see results.

And no chance of getting bored as the exercises change for every session.
If you haven’t tried HIIT before why not join an ONLINE session to give it a go. I hope that, like me, you will finish feeling fantastic.  For more information about joining a session please visit

Personal Training

If you want something tailored to your specific fitness goals I also offer 1:1 ONLINE personal training. I’ll work with you to develop a personalised programme to meet your needs. If you need someone to provide support, motivation, enthusiasm and accountability then please get in touch to discuss your fitness requirements (07968 374962).