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Founder of FITUPS Ltd who wanted to stop leggings falling down

Having run and exercised for years our Founder and Inventor of FITUPS, Emma Rivers Fletcher, got fed up of her fitness leggings falling down and exposing her midriff.  The frustration of repeatedly 'hoicking' them up and embarrassingly accentuating her groin was made worse by the slowing of her pace so that she couldn’t keep up with her friends.  After investing in many different sizes and types of leggings, with higher waistbands or ties around the waist, and having little success she set to designing and prototyping the first pair of FITUPS braces.

The challenge was to find a high quality performance fabric, with non-chafing, breathable and wicking properties, that provides the optimum combination of stretch and tension to keep her leggings up. Then came to question of how to attach the braces to leggings so that they are quick and easy to attach and detatch, are small and light and don't rub or damage the leggings.  Ultimately, she wanted to design a product that was stretchy and enables a full range of motion and provides the security of keeping leggings up in a way that you don’t know that you’re wearing them.

After many trialling many options (and learning how to use a sewing maching to create prototypes) Emma eventually found the solution - 4-way stretch, breathable, wicking fabric that connects quickly and easily to leggings using plastic, super strong, yet light and comfortable, HI-GRIP CLIPS.  Next steps involved testing, refining, testing, refining, REPEAT!!!

Having sourced the braces to be made professionally (Emma's sewing still isn't up to much) we are now delighted to be able to share this innovative product with you so that you too can run, cycle, dance, stretch, powerpress and squat - confident that your leggings won’t fall down.

Our future plans include extending our range of braces as well as designing and sourcing more innovative apparel and accessories that will support you to achieve your fitness goals.


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