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Don't just let me tell you how fantastic you'll feel after a Get Fitter with FITUPS class or PT session, take a look at what some of my clients are saying.....

Fun, friendly, energetic class. Emma knows her stuff and monitors participants posture and technique as you train.

Anna Turney

Thanks for another fabulous class Emma! After being in the office all day it was great to be outside in the fresh air & having a good work out! 💪🏻

Lily Ellis

I’ve been doing PT sessions with Get Fitter with Fitups & I really cannot rate Emma high enough. She tailors the sessions exactly to my goals. After being unable to exercise due to injury, personalised workouts enabling me to focus on strength to overcome these I am now well on the road to recovery whilst improving my cardio too. Just after 9 sessions & I can see & feel the changes & the tape measure is telling me also. I feel fitter, stronger & so much happier. I’m definitely going to continue. Thank you so much Emma!!!👊🏻🥰

Harriet Smith 

Emma makes you feel like you can be healthy and fit, she makes hard work fun, and gives you a deeper understanding of how we can make our bodies work better.

Geli McMillan

I have been to a couple of Emma's classes now and I have never found an exercise class so enjoyable. You work hard but have fun and I find myself wanting to go back (which I can confidently say has NEVER happened before).
I can't speak highly enough of this class and I would recommended it to anyone.

Rachael Brough

Since I’ve been doing Emma’s HIIT class for six months now I thought I’d take the chance to sing the praises of Get Fitter with Fitups. I hadn’t really committed to any form of exercise 100% since before I had my boys... so for over 12 years � I’d run when I could but just didn’t enjoy it and so found it hard to stay committed. But Emma’s HIIT classes, I’m genuinely enjoying. Hurray! Okay there are mornings I have to drag myself there but I force myself knowing I’ll feel awesome after. I always do.

It’s also the first time in 12 years I’ve not been obsessed by my weight and I’m instead enjoying just feeling stronger. That said, when I have stepped onto the scales I’m gradually losing weight despite eating, what is for me, a pretty calorific diet.

Thank you Emma, I am so grateful. 

Louise O'Kane

Thoroughly enjoying Emma’s HIIT classes - she is a really good trainer; the classes are fun, well lead, informative, motivating and personally challenging - you can work to your own level. A great start to the day. x

Charlotte Griffin