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Top Tips for getting the most out of your FITUPS

Here are some top tips for getting the most out of your FITUPS

Grip, don't slip!
Attach the HI-GRIP CLIP to your waistband, avoiding pockets.  Use slider to adjust length to fit.

Spending a penny?
So you're all set you start your workout and realise you need to pop to the loo.  Don't worry, you won't get caught short - the HI-GRIP CLIPS are as easy to detach as they are to attach - just pop the rear clip off your leggings and drop your pants. Once you've done your business, reconnect the clip and you'll be back in business and ready to start your workout.

Sit Up and listen...
If your workout involves exercises that mean you have to lie on your back e.g. sit ups and leg raises before you start your workout attach the rear hi-grip clip on one side of your waist, adjust the sliders to the correct length to fit and you can do a whole class without touching your braces.

Alternatively, because these exercises typically don't result in your leggings falling down, when you get to this section of your workout simply pop the rear clip off your leggings and reattach it when you're back on your feet - it literally takes seconds.

Inside or outside?
Wear under or over your clothes – virtually invisible if you want them to be. Colour options (coming soon) ensure they are invisible under your clothes or if you want to make a statement wear them over your clothes – you choose! 
Under your undies?
For added security put braces under your bra - an avid fan of FITUPS Braces / Suspenders recently contacted us to say she had discovered the secret of added security by 'wearing my bra OVER the braces - and it's been fab'.   

Attach or detach?
When washing your braces/suspenders keep them attached to your leggings or remove them and wash them with the rest of your sports gear. If you do remove them close the clips before popping them in your machine to prevent them from getting damaged.  And once they've been washing hang them up to dry because, as the care label states, they don't enjoy going for a tumble!
If you've found an innovative way of wearing your FITUPS Braces / Suspenders email us on   



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